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“What are some of the ways to get employees involved in generating content (or content ideas) for a digital signage network?”

Team-member involvement feeds on itself.  The more content the viewer cares about, the more they look at the screens. The more they look at the screens, the more content ideas they have. The trick is to jump-start that cycle. Your best opportunity is when the screens are installed, because at that point, all the content is new and engaging. We make every effort to have a well-developed playlist in place before the screens are ever installed.

After that, the most obvious method still seems to work best. We run a message that says, “If you have a message to display, please email [NAME] at [EMAIL].  Most of our groups have set up shared mailboxes that collect these message requests, which are screened by a small content team. By the third week after installation, having relevant and interesting content is the best way to keep the team members engaged and using those mailboxes.

We’ve also had quarterly user group meetings where viewers and administrators are invited to share ideas and best practices. The phone meetings tend to be large and hard to moderate, but we have gotten a few good ideas on those calls. This is also a good place to share policies, which is important when the content team needs to decide which messages to air and which ones to refuse.

We have used surveys that both measure viewership and ask for suggestions. The feedback is very useful, not so much for individual messages, but to influence the message categories and strategy. If we don’t get much spontaneous feedback, and if all else fails, we just ask. Content moderators and leadership teams talk with team members and ask what they’d like to see.

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