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“What are some of the ways to get employees involved in generating content (or content ideas) for a digital signage network?”

Here are a few ways to utilize a digital signage network for employees: 

One idea is to involve each department in the overall planning for the content within a specified internal communications loop.  In this example, every department has a certain amount of inventory to use in the network and the amount of time allotted or when updates happen are variables that need to be determined in advance.  The idea is to create greater collaboration between employees as well as presenting the information to everyone in a creative, attention getting manner.  Each department has a story to tell and using a digital signage network can be the best way to enhance the message. 

Another idea is to create a contest and allow employees to submit their relevant ideas, photos or videos.  The best entries can be on display within the digital signage network, recognize employees and reward creativity. This particular idea is geared toward generating employee participation. 

Another concept, which can serve several purposes, is to develop a ‘welcome’ message to recognize new employees when they join the company.  Using your digital signage network to spread information, photos and fun facts of the new employees can be useful during the on-boarding process.  It gives current employees access in a creative way to the new people joining the team and creates a welcoming environment for the new employee. 

Finally, involving employees in your digital signage network can go a long way to replacing email messages or bulletin board notifications.  Items in the past that were viewed as important announcements but presented in a boring or unproductive manner can now be enhanced and delivered in a more efficient and advanced way.      


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