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“What are some of the ways to get employees involved in generating content (or content ideas) for a digital signage network?”

Digital signage networks are tailored to their environment and target audience. Corporate communication screens create a unified message for employees throughout the corporate campus or across multiple locations. Client-facing digital signage networks allow companies to develop solutions to provide product information or to improve customer services and experiences. No matter what kind of network you have, your employees can help shape the messaging and content.

The easiest way to find out what employees want to see on their corporate communications screens is to send out a survey or simply ask. Employee-generated content helps employees to become more invested in the network’s purpose and success. Personal content like birthdays, work anniversaries or photos from company events help to drive employee engagement and loyalty. Visually engaging charts and statistics help keep the organization on track and motivate staff. Maybe it’s a combination of the two approaches that are the most successful. Make sure to follow up after a few weeks, find out what was effective and what was forgettable.

If you have a client-facing digital signage network, the best way to get employees involved with generating content ideas is to have them listen. What are their customers asking about the most? What questions do they answer repeatedly? Developing content to answer customer questions before they are even asked will help your employees provide a better level of service. After content is changed or retired, ask your employees for feedback. What spots did they think were the most effective? Did they notice an uptick in sales on a particular item? Using feedback on past campaigns can help tailor future content to ensure increased success.

Getting employees involved in generating content for a digital signage network is important to strengthen their feelings of commitment and involvement in the company. Asking and listening, while not your only tools, are the most effective. Try an approach and measure their reaction or engagement. The beauty of digital signage networks is that nothing is permanent. Changing content is as easy as scheduling something new in the CMS.

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