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“What are some of the ways to get employees involved in generating content (or content ideas) for a digital signage network?”

There are a few different ways that an organization can get employees involved in generating content and content ideas for a digital signage network that have been effective in a healthcare organization:

1 – Create an easy online way to explain the digital signage channel and encourage users to submit content. A great way to do this is to house this information on a webpage (we host it on our intranet because only staff can contribute content). On the page, link examples of content, the overview of the channel, the target audience of the channel and other guidelines. Providing all of this information up front will assist in ensuring that your digital signage network is receiving content that makes sense for the channel. To submit content, users fill out a form, which asks for all necessary information (headline, date of event, concise copy, point of contact, suggested image) for that digital signage content. This is an easy way to encourage users to submit content to you, especially if you have the capacity to send it to design or you yourself create that message.

2 – Provide template messages and grant access to the digital signage network. If your organization doesn’t have the bandwidth to create/design messages for others across the organization, try using template messages (in PowerPoint or a similar product that is widespread) that fit into your digital signage network. This puts the onus on the user to create/design the content.

The goal for many digital signage networks (especially networks not tied to ad revenue) is engagement, and what better way to drive that engagement than by putting the “control” into the employees’ hands. Many digital signage networks allow users to be added as content contributors, and their access can be granted to a specific sign, playlist or network. For example, within a hospital organization, there can be a corporate playlist controlled by the marketing/internal communication team that is fed to all signs in all units. But access can be granted to specifically trained users on each unit, so they can add content most relevant to their staff. It’s a great way to create engagement and have users generate content ideas.

3 – Put a regular call out for digital signage content. Sometimes, it just takes reminding employees of the channel and its best uses to get them to generate content. On a regular basis, bring the overall team together and map out the editorial calendar for your digital content. Think about filling in the gaps, think about upcoming campaigns/initiatives/events to feature, and think about what needs to be communicated.

Once employees see that their content is used and that it is an effective way to communicate information from across the organization, it will become easier to generate content from users. It’s all about engaging users and creating a trusted channel.

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