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“What are some of the ways to get employees involved in generating content (or content ideas) for a digital signage network?”

Employees like having their voices heard and having a personal hand in the promotion of their product or brand. Here are a few ways to engage your employees in content creation:

Celebrating local activities – Bring a sense of community to your program by showcasing local news, achievements and activities associated with your brand and/or employees. There is a sense of personal pride to be able to show how your brand/company contributed by sponsoring a little league team or how one of your employees volunteered over the holidays.   And with the benefit of a digital network, this content can be curated and easily deployed in specific locations or used across a broader market level or national network.  You will want to set up a process to gather the stories, pictures or videos and ensure that you clearly communicate standards and usage rights needed to show this content.  Then, have a resource to filter and traffic the content. 

Personalize the experience – Employees know your brand or products the best, and what better way to engage a consumer than by having the people who know best share their knowledge.  This can be as simple as highlighting an employee favorite or showing how to use a certain product.  In a restaurant environment, this may be a server’s favorite dish.  In a retail environment, it may be “our holiday gift list.”   This type of approach gives employees a sense of empowerment over the content.

Set up a Q& A-themed content series– Define a program where employees can submit ideas or questions for content based on a theme.  For example, it may be a CSR-driven program where employees can submit questions about the company and product (where is our product sourced?).  This content could then be positioned to be consumer-facing in a series of snippets to run across the network in a “did you know” type format.  

With any of these types of programs, you will want a clearly defined approach and content plan to provide some guardrails for the ideas.  This will allow you to plan for production of the content itself and manage the expectations of the contributors.  Done right, these types of programs can produce highly engaging content that can really give a consumer that personal touch.  

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