Ask the Board – July 2, 2018 | PAUL FLEURANGES


“What are some of the ways to get employees involved in generating content (or content ideas) for a digital signage network?”

As someone who has been in content creation of one kind or another throughout my career in journalism and in my current position, I understand that with the adoption of YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat and other social media tools makes everybody think they’re communicators. Creative yes, but not necessarily professional communicators.

I think it’s important to have contacts at each facility where we have screens to not only ensure content is playing as we planned, but to help us understand ‘how it played.’ In other words, is it having the impact we thought it would when we created it? And if it’s not helping us understand what kind of content employees want to see, what they would find important to view.  

In my mind, that’s the most effective way to get employees involved in generating content or content ideas. The other way of course is to ask departments to provide you with calendars of activities, events they feel would be note or newsworthy and thus potential content for your network. Of course, this isn’t absolute. If you find you have employees who are exceptional photographers or writers, and they produce content you think represent your corporate brand or identity, by all means leverage that to the extent possible. When you are ‘feeding the beast’ every little bit helps.


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