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“What are some of the ways to get employees involved in generating content (or content ideas) for a digital signage network?”

Being on public event venue, much of our signage is pre-canned messaging that contains continually changing event information for most of the outdoor messaging. Indoor messaging is canned as well, but can be overwritten to accommodate specific changes for the client.  This gives the event manager some freedom to post fun items provided by the client.  There are several other ways we can engage employees.  We have on occasion sent out messaging to team members asking them to electronically submit information, pictures, topics, etc. This works out really well and is fun, since the messaging is vetted and displayed quickly, which allows for implied interaction. Cool stuff! 

Another aspect of this whole process is employees working together to build a digital community. Look for a common ground where each person can invest into the digital team. This digital team working together with shared values and goals to build camaraderie. You generally need a leader or someone to spearhead the whole process to help with deadlines, keeping the group moving, maintain accountability and interact with the community. Most importantly, give feedback. There is nothing worse than team members spending valuable time and getting no response. 

Bottom line, get the message out. Build upon input and give feedback.  No one wants resentment, so reward the good behavior. I almost sound like I am working in HR.  Involvement in digital signage content is creating a good culture with positive reinforcement and recognition.

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