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“What are some of the ways to get employees involved in generating content (or content ideas) for a digital signage network?”

At West Virginia University, we have an average of 400 user-generated content items playing on our network of 120+ screens every day. We get the buy-in from our users by giving them ownership of a template specifically of their college, school or department’s content that plays more often than the general campus-wide content in our system. The other way we get buy-in is they pay for the hardware and installation of the screens to be installed in their buildings. This gives them a vested interest in using the very public form of visual communication. When deans spend a decent chunk of money on single or multiple screens for their building, he or she wants to see messaging about his or her college when they walk past those screens.

The actual type and format of the content varies by the end-user and the end-user’s skill set. Some users have the ability to create final full-page graphics or videos. Others need only a database where they populate a title and description as plain text that we format on the screens for them. Being flexible is the single best thing we can be for our clients. Our content management solution and our training on that content management solution allows us to be as flexible as needed for our users.

The other thing we do is keep track of how often our users are using our system to update content and keep track of how they are using what has been set up for them. This allows us to meet with them when we see a dip in productivity besides the scheduled times we have to meet with our clients.

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