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“What are some of the ways to get employees involved in generating content (or content ideas) for a digital signage network?”

Decrease the barriers to content creation: 

Lock in the workflow for content creation. Create the process. Decide how a content request should be made and document it. Consider making a template or short list of instructions for how content is to be created in your organization. The easier and more painless the process, the better it will be. Then, share it with all your approved employees.

  1. For design, create and invest in templates that can be manually edited or dynamically rendered by data as well as a library of licensed content so you can establish a level of quality to the content regardless of the employee’s design skills. This will also cut down on turnaround time from an employee’s idea to post something to your Corporate Communications network and actually seeing it on the screen. Nothing kills an employee’s desire to help generate content than an expected turnaround time of days/weeks. 
  2. For copy, establish a character limit and potentially a structure. For example, a certain # of characters for a title and a certain # of characters for the body. Advise that the less copy that is in their message, the better. 
  3. For scheduling, set up numerous trusted users that have the authority to post content. The fewer there are, the easier it is for someone’s effort to sit in the hopper for days before it actually gets on the screen.

Sell employees on the benefit of pushing messages via the digital signage network: 

Why in the world would an overworked and underpaid employee take the time to put in extra effort to create or push a message through digital signage? Especially when it is so much easier to shoot off an email or send a Slack message? 

  1. Create a list of great use cases in which digital signage becomes really valuable versus other mediums. Some ideas: 
    1. Giving other employees Kudos on a job well done
    2. Announcing a big sale through a templated “gong” or “bell”
    3. Reminding people about a birthday party for the manager with cake at 2 p.m. in the kitchen. 
    4. etc. 
  2. Consider providing some incentives or making content creation a bullet point on a number of different employee job descriptions. The HR manager, executives and department managers should eat this medium of communication up and see it as a great way to push communication in a fun and none interruptive way. Especially if you can provide some data or logic to back up the value verses email/Slack. 

Lastly, in Corporate Communications, even if you have employees creating content all the time, the content will get really old, really quick. In Corp Com, you have a longer dwell time and more frequent return rate than any other digital signage venue type (depending on where the screens are located around the offices): 9am-5pm, every weekday. That is REALLY hard to keep those screens fresh with interesting content. Therefore, I would highly recommend getting some helpful, informative and entertaining content feeds to play in-between your content as it will dramatically help relieve the burden of adding hours of content every day. 

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