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“What do you consider when deciding where to install your digital displays in a new environment?”

There are usually two driving factors in answering this question: the purpose and the network end-user.

What is the purpose of the signage?  For an OOH advertising network, it’s reaching the maximum number of viewers.  The host location needs to have consistent customer traffic.  It doesn’t need to be a huge audience, but it should be reliable and predictable. Knowing where most viewers will be and how long they typically spend there can help us better install signage that reaches the maximum coverage possible. Additionally, it’s important to be easily accessible and engaging without being overbearing. Having signs in everyone’s face that are too large or having screens too far away are equally ineffective. If we’re installing a quick lube location, we know it will not have large customer counts, but it will be predictable and have the same waiting areas for customers. So, we can cover the waiting areas and focus less on the other areas so the experience isn’t overwhelming, and the overall ROI will be reliable.

It’s critical to get the venue’s ideas on screen placement as well.  For a successful OOH network, the network end-user needs to be happy.  No matter how flashy your content or large your displays, the network fails if the host location is not happy.

That said, in a number of cases, what the venue hopes to achieve with their ideas may be unrealistic.  When I run into this, I offer up suggestions rather than ultimatums.  We have had to turn down projects simply because the host expected viewership or revenue generation that wasn’t really in line with the best practices of digital signage implementation, and if there is a significant disagreement on screen placement, the project may be in trouble before it’s off the ground.  Whenever possible, however, the screen placement desired by the network end-user is one factor that should be considered.

Being able to predict your audience, their location, and the dwell time will lead to the best screen placement. Even better, if you can incorporate the ideas and requests of the end-user, it should give you the best chance for success in a new venue.

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