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“What do you consider when deciding where to install your digital displays in a new environment?”

Determining where to install your digital displays is one of the most important issues that everyone should be looking at since placement is key to having your message seen. For my current environment, there are many considerations for where we install our units, including:

  1. Traffic – How many people are going to walk by this unit and will there be enough eyes on this screen to make it appealing to an advertiser to want to buy that advertising to appear on that screen.
  2. Surrounding Area – What does the surrounding area look like? Is it in an area where there is a lot going on and your message could be lost in all the noise? Is it at a location that has a higher dwell time such as outside a restaurant where people gather to either wait for a table or to meet before heading into the establishment?
  3. Restriction Zones – Is the location an approved space for this type of display unit?
  4. Utilities/Accessibility – What will it take to get utilities to the unit such as power and data? Does the cost of installing the infrastructure work within your revenue calculations? 

If it is an existing area, the best bet is to have a group of people walk the location together and discuss what they think looks best and go over advantages and disadvantages compared to different locations. It is always easier to be in the space than to decide on the precise locations. Of course any work that can be done for laying out the units on a drawing prior to the visit will also help keep the visit to a minimum and point you all in the right direction as a baseline.

In the past when I worked for a retailer, there were a lot of other thoughts put into the screen location. With the store layouts changing every couple of months for floor sets, one of the biggest challenges was trying to find a way to allow the display to have the ability to be moved. One idea was designing a mount that would support the display that would work with the slots in the fixtures so that the unit can be shifted to fit with the design of the floor set. Also having the ability to have the player built into the display as well as working on the WIFI network is a big plus. That way you will be able to move the display and just need to have power at that location.

A design like this would help localize the content to the particular section of the store to match the product to fully describe what the customer is looking at while using the video displays behind the cash wrap to tell the story of the brand.

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