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“What do you consider when deciding where to install your digital displays in a new environment?”

There are several considerations that are important in deciding on a location including power, network access, ambient and/or direct light, exposure to external elements, audio requirements, fit with the overall design of the space, and other considerations depending on the specific environment.  First however, it is critically important to have a clear understanding of the intended use of the display and its expected impact, as that should be the primary driver of the location.  For example, if wayfinding is a key use of the display, then it is most important that it be located on a pathway or in another logical place where someone would have a need for wayfinding.  It does no good to determine a seemingly great location with good access to power and network if the location is far removed from a well-travelled pathway.  I have seen far too many examples where ease of install takes precedence over fitness for use, and the result is a underachieving display due to a poor location.

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