Ask the Board – July 23, 2018 | MICHAEL ORAM


“What do you consider when deciding where to install your digital displays in a new environment?”

The factors we consider when determining where to install signage at the airport include, but are not limited to passenger flow, decision points, arriving vs. departing passengers, line of sight, visual acuity (how far away will the customer be when reading the sign), lighting in the area, weather proofing (if outside), heat (not only outside, but too many screens and media players in a confined area without sufficient fans/airflow could void the manufacturer’s warranty), how many competing signs are already in the area, and whether it is for advertising or wayfinding purposes.  In some cases, it is more beneficial to make some signs static, such as the locations of a restroom or gate hold room (things that won’t change), so as not to overwhelm passengers with too many digital signs in one area.

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