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“What do you consider when deciding where to install your digital displays in a new environment?”

This is probably my favorite part of working on a new building or location. Things I look at to determine digital displays include:

The Use Case. What is the Guest Experience, and what is the Company Objective for communications in the new environment?

The Architecture of the Location. What are the design, theme and space measurements for the space?

Location and Temperature Logistics. Is the display going to be outside or inside? Is there going to be direct sunlight? What percentage of the day? Is the display going to be in a shroud or exposure? What kind of airflow is required?

Run Time. How long will this display be up and running?  Is it on 24/7 or something less?

For me, all of these are top of mind when looking at a new install. Displays are a critical value-add to many different business groups. While installing an indoor display outdoors and under a cover may seem like a good idea and provide initial cost savings, the elements will prevail and the display will be down more than up. And what value does that add?

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