Ask the Board – July 27, 2020 | JONATHAN BRAWN


“What do you see as the biggest positive or negative change in digital signage adoption/usage due to this pandemic?”

I think we will see a nice uptick in adoption due to the unfortunate crisis, because people need to be better informed, now more than ever. This will be especially true in medical spaces. Many of the customers I have spoken to during the pandemic have been medical facilities looking to implement or upgrade their signage to better inform (and more rapidly inform) their patients. It’s incredible to see. I’m also seeing an explosion in requests for signage that dispenses sanitizer or can detect higher temperatures and warn people who have a fever, etc. A negative change will definitely be the slowing of touch interactive. No one today wants to touch a display in public; even the germicidal ones that have come up recently are still going to be viewed poorly by the general public. So camera-based interactive or other methods of interactive will need to develop quickly and will probably be considered normal for a while.

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