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“What are the challenges with migrating from an on-premise solution to a cloud-based solution?”

While the industry moving to the cloud has led to better innovations and Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing, I’m still concerned about signage uptime with cloud-based solutions. 

Your sign apps should download and cache content to work in offline mode. You also need to gracefully downgrade data apps like weather and news feeds. If your screens or data does go bad, what manual or automatic techniques will you use to turn off/on your screens?

Your web-based tools may not work when your web servers are down. If your tools are working, they should let you know which media players are offline. Ideally, signs should catch up with content, schedules, and reporting when they get back online. Also, be advised that your emergency communications may not work during data outages. 

In conclusion, while signs fetch content and we use management systems via servers today, moving deeper into the cloud will also require better offline and caching techniques for those few days a year when data centers, construction, or weather breaks our cloud apps.

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