Ask the Board – July 29, 2019 | JIM RILEY


“What are the challenges with migrating from an on-premise solution to a cloud-based solution?”

We’ve moved to a cloud-based solution for various workplace initiatives including digital signage.  Some of the challenges that we’ve experienced include:

  • User adaptation – Even in the orientation period that includes training and Q & A sessions, people adapt to the new platform at different rates.    
  • Organization – We’ve had issues from time to time making sure that items get categorized correctly and loaded into the cloud-based solution in a timely manner.  If we have a graphic or video that multiple departments want to display and use, making sure content is categorized correctly and easy to locate is very helpful.
  • Permission levels – We’ve also experienced issues from time to time with certain staff members not having the proper permission levels or editing capabilities. This is easily fixed but something that can cause delays or issues if someone has the wrong permissions/access opportunities. 

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