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“What are the challenges with migrating from an on-premise solution to a cloud-based solution?”

Moving from on-premise to cloud is a large change requiring much planning both technically as well as financially. From a technical standpoint, understanding where data exists and the required performance should be top-of-mind. While you can control the performance of your own network infrastructure, the second you go to cloud, your visibility is blocked, allowing you to only control up to your border. There are ways around this such as direct, private links to cloud services that provide better visibility and control of performance. Things like streaming and larger datasets are the largest risk, but also control and tuning is limited in a cloud-based solution.

The financial models vary widely depending on how you leverage a cloud-based solution. Many times, this means going from a capital-based model to expensed based, which may cost more over time, but requires less maintenance in terms of upgrades and troubleshooting. Depending on your company’s financial position, each of these can be a benefit or a hurdle to surmount.

In the end, we leverage both models depending on what we’re trying to achieve. Anything that requires heavy reliability and customization, we typically leverage on-premise solutions while we use cloud-based solutions for the simplicity when business partners handle the content updates to minimize training and support from our technical team.

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