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“Explore best practices in playlist size: What’s the optimal number of messages for audiences? There is no one size-fits-all solution, so how are system owners handling this?”

The primary purpose of digital menu boards in our restaurants is to showcase our lineup of menu Items to enable the ordering process to run smoothly for customers and staff; and to promote special offers, LTOs and branding messages that are eye-catching to encourage up-sell opportunities and successful promotional campaigns.

Our marketing calendars are scheduled to include promotional offers for our three main day-parts, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, and is our tried and true formula for optimal promotional messaging during scheduled promotional windows, showing all three promotional day-part messages concurrently across four panels.  Digital menu boards also give us the opportunity to move day-part panels closer to the register ordering area during key times of the day. For example, we can move our breakfast biscuit panel directly behind the cashier to give the customers a clearer view of the menu board during breakfast hours. The promotional messages and video clips are large, easy to read and uncluttered, while animation and special effects are kept at a minimum for the menu lineup and pricing information. We feel that any additional messaging or animation will become “noise,” interfere with the ordering process and create frustration for our customers.


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