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“What are you hoping to find at DSE 2020?”

When I consider expectations for DSE 2020, I ask myself the same question that I ask potential customers who are looking to invest in a digital signage system, which is “What return do you expect to get on your investment, and how will you measure it?”

Applying the same logic to my expectations of DSE 2020, I ask “What could I see or discover at the show that will allow me to be a better digital signage systems integrator, and how can I measure that against my personal investment and company investment?” 

Sometimes, it is easier to identify what you hope to accomplish or see by reflecting on what you do not need to see:

1) I do not need to see another new CMS – we already have more than 600 in the industry.

2) I do not need to see another manufacturer of LED displays – there are already abundant suppliers with very similar specs.

3) I do not need to see flat panels and projectors that fundamentally do the same thing they did last year and the year before, but with a little more brightness/contrast etc. 

My focus is to have takeaways from the show that can help me guide my customers to be successful, so I am looking for innovation. If I can find flat panels, projectors and/or LED displays that truly enhance the digital signage experience, then I need and must see them, but if I walk by a booth that simply has more of what we’ve already seen, it does not provide a return on my investment for attending.  

What I want to see and experience are as follows:

1) Opportunities to connect with those who have had success in identifiable verticals and are willing to share their knowledge,

2) Existing CMS manufacturers presenting enhanced user interfaces that support a higher degree of interactivity with minimum users steps to make it happen,

3) Tools and appliances that enhance interactivity and immersive experiences,

4) CMS solutions that provide an easier path to data integration,

5) Education opportunities that focus on vertical solutions and not a one-hour advertisement for their product. 

DSE has always delivered, and I am sure DSE 2020 will more than exceed my expectations. I just want to emphasize how important it is to have measurable results come from show attendance or any investment. Successful digital signage installations are those that identify business goals in advance so customers can measure their success against those goals. I know this because I learned about it at DSE.



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