Ask the Board – July 6, 2020 | TJ DiQUOLLO


“What are you hoping to find at DSE 2020?”

DSE is always an exciting opportunity to put your finger on the pulse of the digital signage industry, and DSE 2020 will be no different. Between the hardware & software vendors, system integrators and content creators, you really get a chance to see all the fantastic products and work of the past year while also taking a glimpse into what will come next.

Everyone in this industry knows that technology continues to make incremental improvements year after year. Hardware gets faster and more robust, and software receives enhancements and adds new features. But it’s more interesting for me to see how brilliant people utilize these advancements in their work. The part of DSE that I look forward to every year is the showcase of projects in which creative minds found inspiring ways to put new tools to task.

Buzzwords like ‘Artificial Intelligence,’ ‘Actionable Analytics’ and ‘Augmented Reality’ have been fashionable to use over the past few years. They are used to create excitement around the trends in technology that will one day have very practical applications in digital signage. I am hoping that we get to explore them a lot more deeply at this year’s show. Rather than hearing about potential use cases, I am really looking forward to vendors showing how these tools are being used in practice today and the value they will bring to our industry in the future. Each of those specialties will have a huge impact in every market vertical utilizing digital signage, and it’s important to track their advancements and measure how successful they are for client experiences.

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