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“What are the challenges with migrating from an on-premise solution to a cloud-based solution?”

  1. Managing expectations of local administrators to be able to make changes locally – This is specific to signage that has a local administrator or content manager who has control to change some of the customizations on the device. Now, with the migration to the cloud, we will have to get additional portal access to be able to submit these changes to the cloud before they can be deployed to the device. This change needs to be managed by infrastructure and training requirements.
  2. Cost control – On-premise solutions are reliant on having a field force able to manage/change content locally in a periodic manner. A migration to a cloud-based solution is usually pitched with cost savings from reduction of that field force. However, we need to manage the need for maintaining these devices to ensure they are online and receiving updates when they are supposed to.
  3. Reporting and proof of performance – As we migrate to a cloud-managed solution, we need to think about putting reporting and analytics in place to be able to report on proof-of- performance and other KPIs. These are an important part of being able to assess the effectiveness of our signage.

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