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“What are the challenges with migrating from an on-premise solution to a cloud-based solution?”

What is often missed when considering a cloud solution is that the Internet is still not bulletproof. Or, it’s not bulletproof for a reasonable price at least. When considering a change, you must always balance op-ex and cap-ex- you’d be surprised how that on-site media player will pay for itself when you do the calculation on the data requirements of a pure cloud solution. I tend to look to a hybrid solution – download and play with the ability to ‘push’ content centrally when required. It forgoes server infrastructure on site while providing something to play when the Internet intermittently disappears. It’s a solid balance between the two cost considerations.

Regardless, things that always need to be considered include:

  • What behavior is best when that Internet drops? 
  • Does the loop continue on indefinitely? 
  • Does the loop stop after a period of time? 
  • Or, do you have alternative content that is locally stored? 

For me, the key is “never let them see you break.” We strive to present a screen, even in extended outages, that doesn’t necessarily look broken. Graceful failures are vital in always-on networks and should be something to consider and plan for in any cloud or on-premise solution.

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