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“Most screens are now in the 16:9 format. Even PowerPoint recommends 16:9 as the default standard for presentations. How do you convince the die-hard executive who clings to his or her 4:3 materials, saying that it prints better?”

Change is always difficult, but as we know, if the majority wants change, change happens. The big question is the value or ROI from print versus digital, and which of the mediums holds the most potential for the future.  I know it is not a simple answer, as they both still have value depending on application and ultimate use, but the trend seems to be digital. As marketers think about future investing of marketing dollars and the old die-hards that are having a tough time with the conversion eventually retire or learn new tricks, I think we will see the conversion to 16:9 format as more mainstream. Sorry if that last statement seems harsh. Being a 40-year veteran in the retail design industry, change is truly the only constant. One of my favorite quotes is from Lee Iacocca, who said, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” I have always chosen ‘Lead,’ and I’m hoping other industry veterans choose the same…16:9, here we come…


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