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“Most screens are now in the 16:9 format. Even PowerPoint recommends 16:9 as the default standard for presentations. How do you convince the die-hard executive who clings to his or her 4:3 materials, saying that it prints better?”

‘Welcome to the 21st Century old man!’  Don’t show your age by going back to the 4:3 format for your PowerPoint and digital signage content. When was the last time you saw a 4:3 aspect ratio TV?  (Oh…did I say TV? … I meant CRT!!!)  It’s been years.  A lot of years!!  The next time you’re working on a PPT, start with a 16:9 template.  It’s that easy.  The marketing folks at your company probably already have one you can use. You’ll impress your friends, colleagues and even customers if you use 16:9.  Nothing says “I don’t know what I’m doing” better than a 4:3 PPT on a 16:9 screen with black bars on the sides.  

Okay … yes, some old projectors might suck at 16:9.  But they will work and still look good.  Honest. Try it.  As for printouts, think green. Do you really need to print that out?  If you really do…16:9 will still look like you know what you’re doing, better than an old 4:3.

One last reason:  Don’t be THAT guy (or gal).  Embrace 16:9 and go to the head of the class.  

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