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“Most screens are now in the 16:9 format. Even PowerPoint recommends 16:9 as the default standard for presentations. How do you convince the die-hard executive who clings to his or her 4:3 materials, saying that it prints better?”

This is an interesting question… I can understand why someone would say 4:3, or even 3:2 would print better, but this isn’t about print. Digital signage is a visual medium, typically using a 16:9 (or 9:16) aspect ratio, and we need to focus on the quality of the image on the screen. Using different aspect ratio content would necessitate cropping and zooming (leading to loss of image fidelity and pixelization), letterboxing (black bars, really?) or scaling (leading to stretched and distorted images). None of these things are optimal. They make the signage appear amateurish and reduce the impact of the content. The goal is to use native resolution and correct aspect ratio content for proper image quality. Anything else is shortchanging your investment in the signage.  

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