Ask the Board – June 1, 2020 | CHRISTINA RADIGAN


“What digital signage strategy is over-hyped and why?”

In my opinion, the comparison of programmatic digital (pDOOH) to that of online actually discounts the value proposition of OOH at large. While OOH, particularly the digital place-based formats, has moved further down the purchase funnel; it remains an unmatched, one-to-many medium with the ability to generate mass reach and touch consumers as a ‘shared experience’ in the physical world.

Pigeon-holing OOH with the attributes of online for a potential short-term gain will inevitably disservice the medium.  Online is another unique channel altogether and targets consumers on their personal devices in a one-to-one experience. While mobile geo-location data has enhanced OOH’s audience targeting and is harnessed for data decision-making, to establish indexes, it is still reaching MANY. Targeting an audience to reach ONE or MANY is relevant, needed, and valued, and both strategies can also work together synergistically.  

I feel that, in order to grow OOH’s digital signage revenues, we need to embrace OOH by asserting its diverse canvases, contextual environments and non-skippable advertising messages and provide a programmatic offering that enables access, reduces friction, provides greater targetability and flexibility and stops positioning programmatic OOH as the same as that of online.  

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