Ask the Board – June 1, 2020 | KARYN DiMATTIA


“What digital signage strategy is over-hyped and why?”

Thinking about multiple digital signage fixtures within a single retail space as advertising units only is an over-hyped strategy and a big missed opportunity. Not only are consumers limited by how many advertisements they can digest at one time within the same space, but they’re also impacted so much more greatly by the overall experience they have when they walk into your store than they are by how many product ads they can recall. Filling at least some of your digital sign touch points with texture, color, imagery and/or subtle movements that bring to life your brand promise; and leveraging others to communicate simple, short messages that convey your brand voice; not only de-clutters the environment and builds more emphasis on the few advertisements that remain, but it also creates a feeling and a mood that can impact what consumers remember and how they feel when they leave your store, ultimately shaping how they perceive your brand.

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