Ask the Board – June 1, 2020 | TRAVIS KRAGH


“What digital signage strategy is over-hyped and why?”

Last year, the big buzzword at DSE was ‘DATA.’ Everyone was out to flex their muscles and show how they leverage data in their content. While data-driven content is fascinating and powerful, it is often times over-hyped and incorrectly utilized.

One common mistake seen with data is showing too much. Often times, the screen is crammed with every little data point available making it difficult for consumers to process. Keeping the amount of data digestible is very important. Don’t overcomplicate the design. Just provide enough data to generate engagement. You can always point data-hungry consumers to an app or website to see more details.

Another data pitfall to avoid is using data that has little-to-no variance. Do not broadcast information that rarely changes. It will put consumers to sleep in a hurry. Make sure the data you build into your content refreshes regularly and keeps consumers engaged.

While data is often times over-hyped, I still believe it is a fundamental element of digital signage content. We need to continue to leverage data but focus on the application of the data. More questions need to be asked up front to ensure our data usage is strategically sound.

Here are a few questions to review as you build out your next piece of data-driven content.

  1. What problem is the data going to solve for the consumer?
  2. How will the data change the customer experience?
  3. What additional value does the data provide to the consumer?
  4. Will that value lead to a conversion or sale?
  5. Are there opportunities to measure our success?


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