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“How do you pitch a big idea involving digital signage to a new client?”

Prepare, prepare, prepare. And have visuals! My role is in-house, creating and planning digital signage artwork. That does not mean my team and I do not have to prepare and pitch new ideas to clients – we very much view our internal stakeholders as our clients.

Ask your client questions before the pitch. What are their goals? What are they trying to achieve? Do they have a vision? How are they going to measure success? Make sure you truly understand what the client is trying to accomplish and why. In the actual pitch itself, clearly state those goals so everyone in the room is on the same page to begin. You might be asking for a significant investment for the idea you are proposing, so be prepared to show how your idea or solution is going to solve their specific needs.

Bring your big idea to life by using mockups, storyboards, reference images and videos. If you can, get photos of the actual installation site or hardware. Again, do your homework first. Have a good understanding of client’s brand. Spend time on their website. Look at their social media presence. Visit their retail store. Do not show them something that is going to be out of left field in regards to their brand.

Spend time practicing your pitch. Outline when which presenter will be speaking. Be prepared to answer questions. Finally, always be prepared for a tech mishap! Bring that extra cable to plug in your laptop, or bring printouts as a backup. If you can, show up a few minutes early to get set up. First impressions matter, so don’t let yours be of you frantically trying to connect to your client’s guest Wi-Fi.  


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