Ask the Board – June 10, 2019 | CHRISTINA RADIGAN


“How do you pitch a big idea involving digital signage to a new client?”

Digital signage, a one-to-many medium, provides the opportunity to reach audiences at mass, through targeted channels. As TV ratings continue to fall, following the current trend, and video impressions become harder to come by, digital signage is poised to help provide an alternative to replace the eroding video impressions while also supporting mobile and online ad messaging with static ads. 

Clients definitely have an appetite for new, emerging channels, but they want to feel confident that they are investing their dollars wisely.  Clients will often lean in to digital signage networks, if we can substantiate that they are Nielsen- or Geopath-measured, offer premium curated content and provide a brand-safe environment.   By homing in on these value propositions, and providing supporting research through a myriad of sources, many of our clients have begun to reap the value that digital signage has on reaching their targeted audiences.  

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