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“How do you pitch a big idea involving digital signage to a new client?”

When we pitch new opportunities to clients, we need to make sure we have every ‘T’ crossed and ‘I’ dotted.  While this sounds obvious, it isn’t always practiced. The issue is that big ideas are never simple. They are never standard. It is like recreating the wheel every single time. We rely on our partners to be the experts and to make sure we aren’t overlooking any piece. We need to ensure that no questions go unanswered, no stone unturned.

We also want to make sure that WE drive the ship. Far too many times, clients have big ideas once the idea comes in, but they aren’t as knowledgeable about the limitations, restrictions, or best-use scenarios. We need to manage that process and speak up to make sure all expectations are met. It is up to us to set reality and roadblocks.  It is why we will ask many questions.  It is why we will ask for everything to be fully fleshed out. 

A first step we always recommend is to get a top-line understanding of the opportunity and a general sense of budgets.  Why go down this road if the opportunity is going to be very labor- intensive and way too rich for a client to consider.  We need to make sure they are on board before anyone spins their wheels too quickly.

Top line for these big ideas is not a best practice once the idea is sold through.  If the client is onboard and interested, we need to quickly move from possibility to actual road maps.  It is so important to layout timing, needs, budgets, responsibilities, and challenges. Once these are laid out, we can then make sure all responsible parties are moving in the right directions.

Big ideas are awesome if done right and disastrous if not thought through enough.  You have one chance to nail it, so put your best foot forward, and be the expert.

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