Ask the Board – June 10, 2019 | MARK GEIGER


“How do you pitch a big idea involving digital signage to a new client?”

Fortunately for me, I am able to pitch big ideas involving digital signage several times a month.  Working in a large convention center provides the opportunity to meet thousands of potential new clients on an annual basis. Many new clients in the convention industry still lean toward old-school inventory like banners, meter boards and other print materials. The idea I pitch to these new customers deals with the concept of utilizing digital signage vs. banners. Simple math and the potential increase in bottom line often appeal to these groups.  When I present and compare production, installation and removal costs of one customer banner against 10 customer spots on multiple large LED screens it’s just a matter of time before they convert to digital.  

Another example is the last-minute digital signage pitch that surrounds shows that have very competitive exhibitors, who are all about outdoing each other. I always discuss options, digital inventory and pricing with show management, because it’s their show and exhibitors. Once I have permission and business terms in place with show management, I have hundreds of potential clients on the show floor to pitch.  I target the biggest exhibitors who use digital signage in their space on the show floor. My pitch is simple: All available digital signage in the Center’s public space on a first-come basis.  This has worked in the past, and I look forward to the show’s return because I know I’ll have many more eager new clients willing to buy signage based on the response that their competition received the previous year.

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