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“How do you pitch a big idea involving digital signage to a new client?”

Selling through innovative ideas to a new client can be challenging. Here are a few simplified steps we follow at ClockNine:

1) Educate Your Client.

This is actually the most important part of our process. If you fail to do this, you will likely run into larger problems further down the road. Be sure to discuss timing, how the technology works, industry trends and even hardware components. During this process, I often times ask questions to get a deeper understanding of the client’s goals and problems.

2) Dream with Your Client.

This is the fun part. Make this a collaborative effort, and begin to discuss creative ways to solve the problems and achieve the goals you have identified. If you are in person, white-boarding always works best. I tend to sketch up ideas while listing hardware components off to the side as we go. During our brainstorming process, I throw out a few rough numbers to help get a feel for the client’s budget (if that hasn’t already been solidified).

Pro Tip: If your concepts help solve a problem you have identified, you immediately give yourself an opportunity to sell through the idea.

3) Lock in the Vision.

At this point, we likely have a couple concepts about which everyone is feeling passionate. Our team helps ensure everyone is on the same page by delivering high-fidelity mockups to illustrate the vision. These visuals are typically coupled with ballpark cost estimates.

4) Revise Solution (as needed).

At this point, we may need to modify the vision to ensure we meet all of the client’s needs. Here, we lock in our budget numbers and get partners involved to iron out a plan for execution.


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