Ask the Board – June 11, 2018 | IAN DALLIMORE


“What are some of the ways to increase interaction with touchscreens?”

I think this biggest issue with low interaction on touchscreens has to do with content and the “how does this help me” mentality of the consumer.  We are busy people on the go, and no disrespect to the OOH industry, but no one woke up and said I can’t wait to interact with some advertising today!  Nevertheless, people do look for ways to pass the time while waiting for a subway/bus or while in a waiting room. Usually, we do so with our mobile devices. So using those same examples, we can provide relevant content such as “Next subway/bus arrives in ‘x’ minutes” with advertising woven in.  I’ve seen some great creative tied to this type of real-time data with Apotek in Stockholm.  When the trains arrive, the ad comes to life with the women’s hair blowing around as if the train caused it.


We’ve seen similar applications by Adidas, Nike, Samsung and more, but all had a common theme of content curated to that moment. I challenge agencies and brands to focus on very hyper relevant and local campaigns, and before you begin, put yourself in the commuter’s shoes and ask yourself why would I engage with this ad, and how did it make my commute easier and/or entertaining?

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