Ask the Board – June 17, 2019 | ANGEL CORDERO


“Which market segment is the one that is totally saturated with digital signage five years from now? (Is there a market where the gold rush is over and every new opportunity has been already taken?)”

It’s amazing to watch how fast food chains have creatively used and maximized digital signage.  Just when you think they have peaked with too many screens and use cases, they continue to innovate year after year.

Here are some innovation examples:

  • Graphics – Using high-pixel videos of delicious food
  • Touch – Adding support to build and customize every part of your order
  • Brightness – Making outdoor signs in direct sunlight or rain easily readable
  • Games – Entertaining using mini kiosks, free Wi-Fi, and mobile apps at each table
  • RF – Helping a server find your table beacon or notifying you with a buzzer   
  • Camera – Tracking which orders were made by which cars and people
  • Feedback – Showing your current order items as you speak to the order taker
  • Payment – Creating mini and full kiosks that accept payment and encourage loyalty programs
  • Portable – Installing and removing temporary outdoor food truck screens

Eventually, I do hope they will get around to better microphones and speakers at drive thrus.  Finally, isn’t it cool to dream that someone might be thinking about how to deliver food to my parked car using a drone?



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