Ask the Board – June 17, 2019 | DAVID SALEME


“Which market segment is the one that is totally saturated with digital signage five years from now? (Is there a market where the gold rush is over and every new opportunity has been already taken?)”

In the next few years outdoor digital signage is at risk of becoming oversaturated. New quality locations providing excellent exposure will be harder to find, either due to the recent rush to build or limitations placed by local authorities. Predictable traffic patterns and identifiable demographics have already led to the replacement of many static billboards with digital signage along the most frequented routes. Lower install/replacement costs have helped improve the ROI on these surfaces while advances in connectivity, affordable design costs, and minimal to no insertion costs have opened the door to more advertisers. These factors have helped drive the increase in these populous areas. More regulations are also limiting the number of new digital surfaces in some of these areas. In fact it is not uncommon to find (and easy to spot at night) those areas that remain unregulated. This complete coverage in the most trafficked areas, increased regulations, and pushing out of more digital signage into outlying communities could signal an end to the “gold rush” of outdoor digital signage.

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