Ask the Board – June 17, 2019 | JERRY HARRIS


“Which market segment is the one that is totally saturated with digital signage five years from now? (Is there a market where the gold rush is over and every new opportunity has been already taken?)”

It is my belief that, in the next five years, the retail industry, clothing specifically, will be the front-runner in reaching critical mass for digital signage solutions. Solutions akin to the virtual mirror concept continue to transform the in-store experience and entice customers to virtually try on different styles and matches of clothing. Online clothing companies are making waves in the industry, but if you’re like me, seeing and touching the fabrics is still the way to go. I am more inclined to purchase right then especially if I can see how the garments look. As the price comes down and the technology is further refined, the more retail adopters we’ll see come online.

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