Ask the Board – June 17, 2019 | MICHAEL DWYER


“Which market segment is the one that is totally saturated with digital signage five years from now? (Is there a market where the gold rush is over and every new opportunity has been already taken?)”

I don’t want to use the term saturated, but instead table stakes. There are a number of different industries to which this can apply, but I believe digital signage will be a basic required element in the QSR space in the next five years. The big difference between those who lead and those who will be less competitive in the QSR space, will be HOW digital signage is used that will allow restaurants to stand out. We talk about the benefits that will result from digital technology applications, and I think consumers will come to adjust and be used to having digital in restaurants.  How we use the platforms and signage and how we manage and evolve our content will be what makes the difference in customer experience and sales performance.  

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