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“With the growth of online shopping, how can digital signage evolve in customer- facing environments and impact the shopping experience?”

Early versions of Magic Mirrors and Augmented Reality applications were cool “visions of the future” style demos that never really took off, but that’s partially because the technology wasn’t quite perfect. These first demos with gesture recognition involved a lot of flailing arms and funny dances. Now, with motion-tracking improvements, I’m simply surprised that we’re not seeing a lot more digital experiences within retailers, especially outside of their flagship stores.

It’s very much time to enhance the overall retail experience and let marketing and creative teams fully drive the retail experience with technologies you can’t get on your phone or PC. This isn’t just about technology and definitely isn’t just about throwing mini-screens on end-caps blaring out more noise. This is about immersive experiences at the point of decision, developed by creative minds. For example, smart retailers will invest in the creative and technology solutions to allow customers to “virtually” try on dozens of different pairs of sunglasses at once. They’ll add AI to their facial mapping and detection to help guide the customer. They’ll invest in non-creepy analytics that help refine their messaging and methods. And hopefully, they’ll keep shopping fun for consumers in all age-bands.

The one thing that is certain is that retailers need to move faster than they have been to embrace these concepts. Amazon is trying to put this in your home with the Echo Show, but that seems to still be a few versions away from being awesome.

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