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“What are the pros and cons of combining different types of messaging (such as wayfinding and advertising) in one display?”

Guest Post by Molly Clay, Content Manager, Freshwater Digital Media Partners

Can too much information at one time be a good thing, or does it ruin the intent of the messaging? There are pros and cons to this, but it all depends on how the business is trying to utilize the display.  

Internal communications displays are a great setup for combining different types of messages on a screen because the information doesn’t always need to be immediate. A company can rotate news, general information, HR announcements, events, and advertisements throughout the day. This method works because employees have time to digest content over a period of time, and most likely, don’t have a need, or want, to know specific information at that moment. It clearly and efficiently informs employees of a company event and reminders regarding benefit registration throughout the week. In this instance, having different messages prevents the display from becoming stale and repetitive and keeps the content fresh. Employees tend to engage with digital signage more often because they will want to know what is coming up next and make sure they don’t miss any important updates.

On the other hand, if the screen is in a fast-paced area and users need to have the information quickly, multiple messages on one display may not be the best solution. For example, if a kiosk that holds the map of the mall also has multiple advertisements playing, the consumer may grow frustrated waiting for what is relevant to them and is less likely to wait through the advertisement loop – minimizing the impact and the purpose of advertisements. Another example would be a fast food restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch at the same time. Imagine a customer ordering lunch at this establishment, but before they finished ordering their lunch, the screen switches to the breakfast menu or an advertisement does a complete screen takeover. The customer is now frustrated and waiting for the lunch menu to switch back, and the restaurant is seeing slower serving times due to this delay. This issue causes a slow experience in the restaurant for the customers and employees, which will most likely cost the restaurant money in the long run.

In order for multiple messages to work together, you need to take into consideration the audience, the environment and the message. If done incorrectly, your consumers lose interest, and you’ve spent valuable effort and money on a solution that is full of potential if executed appropriately.

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