Ask the Board – June 22, 2020 | RICK ROBINSON


“What are the pros and cons of combining different types of messaging (such as wayfinding and advertising) in one display?”

Only pros.  The more we can merge public information and commerce into one “screen,” the better it is for both channels. It’s time for us to evolve beyond the separation of messaging commerce in one place and the necessities of life in another. People want relevant content and gauge utility as their first and primary filter.  What does it mean to me, right now, right here?  Does it add to my day?  Does it deliver some level of time, fun or money?  If it doesn’t, I move on. And if it does, I stop and look. Period. This can manifest as public safety messaging, wayfinding, art, current events, education, etc., and yes, very often as commerce. The technological ease of delivering multi-source messaging in the public DOOH screen ecosystem will foster adoption of this practice, and rather quickly in my view. The only thing that will hold it up is our human need to dogmatically cling to past methods. 

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