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“As we enter the second half of 2019, what do you see as the emerging digital signage industry talking points for the months and years to come?”

Digital signage has evolved from showing traditional content through advancements in technology and has become an experience for the user. Static graphics, videos and presentations, which have been the norm on displays, can now include other forms of informational content. Streaming video isn’t new, but tapping into a webcast and distributing that message across the enterprise brings several advantages to the forefront. Bringing information to your users in a live format is something that is trending today. For example, Facebook Live, Instagram and others have had a huge impact on how people use their devices and receive information. Digital signage is a great way to communicate your message to employees and customers in real time.

The digital signage experience for users will provide huge trends. The technology today will build on what’s available and offer some mind-blowing experiences in the future. Software and hardware are becoming more advanced and will be engineered to offer greater experiences. Displays will be able to track eye movement, and based on your age, gender and other factors, algorithms will generate specific content to play for that specific user. Augmented/virtual reality will also play a huge role as projection and signage on glass become more sophisticated. These experiences will be memorable, talked about and shared. The only real limitation to this process is creativity and budget.    


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