Ask the Board – June 25, 2018 | RICHARD DAUGHERTY


“How much “hand-holding” do you have to have on your digital signage system, from “stock” software to fully automated integration to a third-party system? Where do you fit, and how much do you have to monitor?”

The process of delivering a digital signage system through AVI-SPL includes discovery conversations with the client, implementing the solution throughout the client’s enterprise and supporting the product once installed. Just about every situation is different, such as specific requirements designated by the client and solution challenges depending on network and security. In some situations, budget is a major concern.

AVI-SPL carefully considers all these requirements and then shows the client specific solutions. We demo solutions that we feel meet the client’s needs, which may include displaying analytics, interactive experiences, social media, photos and videos. One of the biggest requests is ease of use. 

AVI-SPL offers several levels of close partnership with the client. We often do content design and delivery. In this scenario, the client has implemented the solution, it meets all their requirements, but they do not have the bandwidth to design, upload and schedule the messaging. We assist by working with the client to understand what they are trying to deliver to internal or external audiences. This gives the client more time to train on the solution and get up to speed. Day 1 is met with quality content, and the client and users will experience the solution as it was intended. Once we have achieved what the client was looking for, we can discuss a long-term plan of support until they are confident in taking over the solution.

At AVI-SPL, we offer several levels of support. We strategize around specific vendors to fully support clients. This gives them peace of mind on their hardware and software. We are there in case anything goes wrong.

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