Ask the Board – June 29, 2020 | IAN DALLIMORE


“What are the top two things that concern you the most about your digital signage network and why?”

Like many screen owners, uptime is the most important business factor. A vendor’s screen being live and active is the lifeline of your advertisers’ campaigns; if they aren’t running you aren’t making revenue. Lamar Advertising has its own internal team, Network Operating Center (NOC), that monitors the “life” of our digital network. If a panel loses connection or a module goes black, we can quickly log in to our digital screens and assess the problem. The second thing is the speed and security of the screens — the ability to make sure what should be displayed is being displayed. This can be making sure that the creative content that was uploaded has replaced (Internet speed) the existing creative. Security of the screen also speaks to what can be done to prevent hackers displaying unwanted or non-paid creative content. We are constantly improving our position in these three key areas.

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