Ask the Board – June 29, 2020 | IAN GADSBY


“What are the top two things that concern you the most about your digital signage network and why?”

Number One: Long-term service and technology support.  When we build a network or a media product, we operate for 5+ years and often closer to seven years. Technology changes a great deal in that period. When designing and buying technology, we design to ensure we can service that technology for its whole life. In the case of digital matrix walls, that means having spares. It means creating an architecture that allows for easy updates and ‘future proofing’ what we build. A whole 25-screen matrix wall can become garbage if you lose one screen and spares are no longer available. We try to prevent that.

Number Two: Simple Maintenance. The principal of “K.I.S.S.” (keep it simple stupid) is especially important when you have installations all over the country with different service people and companies taking care of them in the field. If you get too fancy, a tech in a small town, who really might be an electrician (and not an IT tech), can’t fix a display on their own.  We constantly try to keep the execution simple and service VERY simple.  You can out-think yourself on these things by adding a whole lot of complicated devices in the system unnecessarily. Just because your system designer understands what his design does, and how it does it, doesn’t mean someone up a pole in a snowstorm at night can decipher the system. Keep things clear and straightforward, and it will save you thousands in the long run.

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