Ask the Board – June 3, 2019 | CHRIS MACKENZIE


“What can DOOH networks do to avoid losing ad revenue to digital?”

The most important thing any DOOH operator can do to avoid losing share to digital is to make sure they have the best possible product to deliver success to clients. Make sure your offering supports the brand’s goals, and don’t shy away from things that are hard. DOOH offers significant capabilities and flexibility. We need to all make sure we are using those, and most importantly, make sure the creative is amazing. Additionally, don’t be afraid to jump into the same space as digital. While digital and DOOH are typically different budgets, there is enough overlap that we all should all be concerned about budgets shifting from one to the other. At CCO, we chose to be the first in the world to offer our DOOH inventory within the digital/programmatic space so that our inventory can be purchased in the same, non-guaranteed manner that digital advertisers are accustomed to. We believe this helps us bridge the gap between DOOH and digital.


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