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“What can DOOH networks do to avoid losing ad revenue to digital?”

This isn’t a battle against each other. It’s a union. DOOH can take the help of other ad platforms to enhance the value of content delivery. If you think of the point of impact that DOOH has on consumers, it is only a very small speck of time. The influential power of advertising should not be just limited to a single delivery mechanism, but augmented by other means to add value.

So, how do we do it?
In my opinion, the answer is technology. Using emerging technologies like near field communications and advanced audience tracking, we can stitch multiple delivery channels to offer superior value. The fleeting ad that caught your eye at a recent retail experience shows up on your mobile in the convenience of your home.

To make this vision happen, content providers also have to embrace a holistic delivery approach. This starts with either an enhanced portfolio of delivery mechanisms that encompass 360-degree touch points or through partnerships within the industry.

With knowledge afforded to service providers through mechanisms like AI, DOOH is no longer an “implement-and-forget” service. It is much more of a thought-through connected value add service.









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