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“What can DOOH networks do to avoid losing ad revenue to digital?”

Presently, we find the key to competing with digital is data and transparency.  Digital sales are driven by data that allows targeting, so you need these ‘table stakes’ to compete in their world. These two factors can ‘level the field’ in your discussions with agencies. With data, that means everything from researching your audience with third-party sources to real-life audience accounts with technologies like Anonymous Video Analytics. 

The second way to compete is through transparency, and by that, I mean we are a less-fraud-prone medium. There isn’t an ad that plays “below the fold,” you know WHERE your ad is playing (avoids any conflict with controversial content) and there is no way a ‘bot’ can create false viewership or click-through numbers. These factors are vital to the authenticity of our medium, and the honesty of our product provides value. We believe this to be especially important in today’s world, where privacy concerns with Facebook and Google are dominating the headlines.  

Put these two items together, and you have a trustworthy, honest product that has real data to back it up. It’s a powerful combination that we have found allows us to grow each year and combat the on-line and digital media forces.

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