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“How often does a digital signage network need to be updated in terms of hardware or software?”

So I’m a hardware guy, particularly a display guy. Given my bias, my answer may be a bit of a surprise, but it should not be. Years ago, hardware (particularly for PCs) was exponentially increasing each year, requiring frequent replacement to keep current. This allowed users to take advantage of all of the new and emerging capabilities. This meant that, in terms of signage (primarily PC-based players), you potentially could need to upgrade relatively often to keep up with the features your CMS offered. The hardware was the limit. Today, if we look at computing as a whole, the specs have become largely irrelevant, and hardware has a longer life than ever. That means that upgrades should be planned based on cost amortization. Typically, they won’t need to happen due to features. So, in typical Brawn fashion, I made a short answer long. The TLDR version: Upgrade your hardware and software when it no longer meets your needs, or the cost is amortized and you are ready to replace. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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